Interactive Floorplan & Event Planner

The Interactive Floorplan provides visitors with an engaging way to view exhibitors prior to their visit so they can plan their day effectively. It is an essential visitor tool, allowing visitors to search for relevant exhibitors and products, contact exhibitors and create a completely personalised Event Plan for their visit. It ensures visitors make maximum use of their time at the event by searching for the exhibitor and their stand number as well seeing their profile details here.

Visitors can very easily search for Exhibitors on the Floorplan itself, this means they do not need to back to the exhibitor list on the website time and again. Further Visitors can also filter their search by product interests, show sectors, hall, trails or any other way you may require.

Once the visitor has built their event plan they can further save it to come back later. Visitors can now come back and amend their plan at any point of time.

Once a visitor has built their Event plan they can further share it with their friends or colleagues. Visitors can also send their event plan to themselves.

Finally before the Event Visitors can print their event plan to take with them to the show. Alternately they can send this to themselves on their Smartphone simply through an email.

In respect of the Organiser, My World of Expo's Interactive Floorplans allows you to control the show with a fully up-to date real time view of the stand bookings accessible from anywhere.

Additionally Organiser can benefit by generating revenue from the Interactive Floorplans. There are several sponsorship opportunities on the Interactive Floorplans. Contact us to find our more.

The Floorplan also gives potential exhibitors a very clear picture of the exhibition showing the size of the stands as well.

The Interactive Floorplan can very easily be integrated with your show website to ensure it is used to its maximum potential.

Benefits at a Glance

  • The Interactive Floorplan reduces admin by allowing exhibitors to upload and maintain details about their products and services.
  • Generate revenues through various types of sponsorships
  • Real time view ensures that your floor plan is always up to date and shows the latest information about stall availability, bookings and exhibitors
  • The Floorplan improves and accelerates the sales process
  • Potential Exhibitors can enquire about stands
  • Exhibitors can update Products/Services any point of time. This will enable them to be easily found by their target audience
  • If required we can provide exhibitors with the details of visitors who have added them to their plan provided the Visitor has opted-in for their details to be shared
  • The advanced search gives the exhibitors many opportunities to be easily found

Setting up the Interactive Floorplan

All we need from the organiser is the Floorplan and the exhibitor list. Upon receiving these we will develop the Floorplan as per your show branding.

Maintaining the Interactive Floorplan

In order to keep the Interactive Floorplan up-to-date all we require is the latest Floorplan(in any format) with the list of exhibitors. Once we receive this we will update the Interactive Floorplan for you within hours.

Contact us to find out more about the Interactive Floorplan & Event Planner.