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Ugam Beam Science Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 2017

Tel: 6359591002
Email: sales@ugamlaser.com

UGAM BEAM SCIENCE PVT. LTD. is dealing in complete range of laser marking, engraving, welding and cutting systems. We have a complete range of laser system such as Fiber, Diode pumped and Lamp pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking,Scribing & Cutting systems, CO2 Laser engraving system,CO2 Laser marking system and CO2 laser cutting Systems etc. Not just equipment but we are providing a solution for your customized laser needs, which is always committed to perform excellent. Our high skill technical team consistently upgrading our product to fulfill your requirement and keep our customer ahead in each laser related operation. Latest european technology making them more powerful tool in your factory. This is main reason that India’s biggest corporate company accept us. Not just look and design but another main factor is production where we already proven ourselves best and advance. Our all marking product having digital scan head

Product Categories

  • 1.01 Solid-state lasers
  • 1.04 Fibre lasers
  • 1.06 Laser system components
  • 1.07 Laser components
  • 7.01 Material processing systems

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