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Stand: 2341-1

Tel: 0086-755-230410
Email: wangzr122040@hanslaser.com

Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates technology research, development, production and sales. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed Company Shenzhen Han's Laser S&T Co., Ltd.Han's Scanner has professional R&D Team on machinery, software, optics, electronics, process testing, etc. Our products include galvanometer, scan systems in 2 dimensions, voice coil motor, dynamic scan systems in 3 dimensions, CO2 fraction system and laser gauge.

Product Categories

  • 4.01 Measurement systems for laser characterization
  • 4.02 Measurement and analysis systems for optical parameters
  • 6.01 Systems for the automotive industry and OEMs
  • 6.02 Systems for the toolmaking and mechanical engineering
  • 6.03 Systems for printing technology and graphics

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