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Stand: 2441-5

Tel: 0086-10-6379296
Email: xieying@dahengoptics.com

"Daheng OTF established in 1999, it has been committed to research, production and sales of optical components. Our products are widely used in 3D projection display, laser processing, biochemical analyzer, sensor&test, environmental analysis and other fields. Daheng OTF has advanced instruments and technology, with an ultra-clean production line, equipped with high efficiency vacuum coating machines and PE LAMBDA-1050 spectrophotometer, Zygo interferometer, focal length meter etc. Products wavlength covering from ultraviolet 197nm to far infrared 20um, include: 1.Components for laser processing equipment: Laser lens for high power laser cutting, welding system, laser cavity mirror, output mirror, combined mirror, laser protective window, laser filter etc. 2.High precision optical components: UV solar blind filter, PCR digital fluorescence filter, biochemical filter, digital projector filter, gas detector filter etc. "

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  • 1.06 Laser system components
  • 2.04 Optical lenses
  • 2.06 Optical transmission components
  • 2.07 Other optical components

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