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Stand: 2216

Tel: 03681387390
Email: Pia.Harju@cda.de

CDA´s core competence is the mass-production of highly complex microstructures in plastic. Inspired by the needs of our customers we constantly expand the limits of what is possible to make your ideas become reality. With our know-how in microoptic, and printed electronics we add various applications into unique and innovative smart solutions for the future. By combining its core competencies in high volume fabrication of precise polymer microstructures, vast technical engineering knowledge and flexibility in production, CDA has achieved high recognition in the rapidly developing field of micro-optics. The products that we manufacture for our clients include for example, DOE´s, diffusors, optical encoder discs and microlens arrays CDA is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949. The commitment to quality management is essential, as evidenced by quality assurance measures that continuously monitor accurate process performance throughout the entire production cycle.

Product Categories

  • 1.15 Opto-electronic components
  • 2.04 Optical lenses
  • 2.05 Diffractive optics
  • 5.02 Optical design and engineering services
  • 5.04 Contract production

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