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Optics & Allied Engg. Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 2245

Tel: 08049044904
Email: sales@opticsindia.com

Optica is manufacturer of High Precision Optics, IR Optics, Opto-Mechanical Mounts, Prism, Imaging Optics, Polymer Precision Optics, Optical Filters, Optical Windows etc. We have complete facility & solution for Precision & Industrial Optics Manufacturing. We are based in Bangalore and supply our products to India and out of India. We have world class facility for R&D, Design, Testing and Manufacturing of All kind of Precision & Industrial Optics. We have in house Tool Making Facility to manufacture Tool from Simplex to complex. We serve Market like Aerospace, Medical & Bio-Medical, Electro Optics, Automobile, Research Institutions, Green Energy Lighting etc. Our Expertise in Optics manufacturing is from 1985 and catering to market with excellence of our Experience.

Product Categories

  • 2.03 Processed components
  • 2.04 Optical lenses
  • 2.05 Diffractive optics
  • 2.06 Optical transmission components
  • 2.07 Other optical components

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