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Stand: 2015

Tel: 0049 7731 882153
Email: berthald.relling@elma-ultrasonic.com

The extensive product range of cleaning devices and systems from Elma is ideally equipped for Glasses and optics. Elma devices and systems are thus used for the general manufacturing of glasses, the production of spectacle, infrared or precision optics. When producing different optics, individual system solutions and cleaning agents which are gentle on most materials and have been developed specially by Elma are being used. The basis for this is the ultrasonic cleaning technology developed by Elma in fine cleaning or ultra-fine cleaning respectively before surface coating (ready-for-coating cleaning) as well as during intermediate cleaning (ready-for control cleaning), modular X-tra line and customer-specific ultrasonic cleaning systems from Elma to prepare optics for further processing.

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  • 2.04 Optical lenses

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