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Spinks Impex

Stand: 2024

Tel: 01244770500
Email: vjain@spinksworld.com

Spinks Impex is among the laser machining equipment manufacturer in India and has developed full range series of Laser Manufacturing machines of European Quality and Indian price and all necessary Pheripherals. Main Products Portfolio Covers Industrial Laser Equipments including Fibre Laser Marker series for engraving on Tools & Free form engraving. They have been widely adopted in Production of Electronic appliances, computer, and telecommunication equipments, surgical instruments, Precision component, fashion & clothing, packaging and many other products. We have 10,000 sq. ft Sales showroom in Gurgaon in the outskirts of Delhi, India. Facility which has been designed to display and demonstrate various applications of products including Tampoprints,Germany Pad Printing machine and Customized Automation since we are Authorized Distributor complete Asia and India. The center also boasts of its display unit for giving live demonstrations.

Product Categories

  • 1.04 Fibre lasers
  • 6.01 Systems for the automotive industry and OEMs
  • 6.02 Systems for the toolmaking and mechanical engineering
  • 7.03 Laser systems for various materials
  • 7.04 Laser systems for various applications

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