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Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd.

Stand: 2047

Tel: 08026651396
Email: R.Arunraja@mahr.in

Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd, Chennai a 100% subsidiary of Mahr GmbH, Germany, a renowned world leader in offering Metrology Solutions to various industries like Automotive, Machine Tools, AeroSpace, Optics, Renewable Energies, Electronics, Medicines & Shop Floor applications. Mahr offers a comprehensive product portfolio of tactile & optical measurement technology from a single source and confirm its claim as an application specialist. Product range covers Hand Measuring/Shop Floor instruments such as Precision Gages, Calipers, Electrical Length Measuring instruments/Air Gauging, Customer Specific Solutions, 2D Height Gages, Micrometers, Test Indicators, Digital/Dial Indicators, Digital/Dial Comparators, Indicator Stands/Comparator Stands etc., and Standards Room Metrology Instruments such as Mobile/Software based Roughness Measuring Instruments, Contour Measuring system, Combined Contour and Surface Measuring Systems, Form/Roundness tester, Precision Length Measuring systems, Contact and Non-Contact Shaft Measuring Systems, CNC Analytical Gear tester, Workshop measuring Microscopes, Measuring Instruments for Optical Industries etc., to fulfill your critical measuring tasks.

Product Categories

  • 4.02 Measurement and analysis systems for optical parameters
  • 4.03 Systems for measuring optical parameters of devices and systems
  • 4.04 Optical measurement systems
  • 8.01 Laser-aided test and measurement systems
  • 8.02 Holographic systems and components

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