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Adlabs Instruments

Stand: 2031

Tel: 9313088412
Email: adlabs.instruments@gmail.com

ADLABS INSTRUMENTS is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of high quality Lasers & Scientific products since 15 years.Focusing on the high-end laser market,We understand the only way to stay ahead in this highly competitive field is to provide high quality products and good customer service for our customers. Our clients appreciate our range of Laser products for Research,Educational and Industrial solution. List of Product’s: He-Ne Lasers,Line & Cross Line Generating Laser,Laser Diode Modules (Red, Green, Blue),Laser Safety Goggles & Windows,Laser Pointers,IR Lasers,Laser Power Meter,DPSS Laser,PMMA Fiber Optic Cable,translation stage(X,XY & XYZ), Optomechanical Mounts, Honeycomb breadboard,Vibration free optical table,Physics Lab Experiment Set-up, etc. Our products are widely used in DRDO Research Centers,IIT's & NIT's Research Laboratories,University Laboratories,Educational Institutions,Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges and Industries. We are continuing improve our existing products and develop more new products for our customer use.

Product Categories

  • 1.01 Solid-state lasers
  • 1.03 Diode lasers
  • 1.06 Laser system components
  • 1.08 Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • 1.17 Opto-mechanics

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