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Tel: +49 7225 684-320
Email: l.wurz@precitec.de

Precitec - the Expert for your Processes Precitec has been a successful solution provider in the field of laser material processing enabling OEM customers for more than 40 years. Smart laser cutting and welding systems are well-known and popular for their reliability and industrial suitability. Processing heads for laser cutting are available for all types of lasers, e.g. CO2, disc, fiber or direct-diode technology with different laser power and classes of accuracy. Equipped with non-contact and long-term stabilized distance and process sensor systems, these heads achieve brilliant cutting quality and performance. For laser joining, Precitec offers processing heads and automated quality control systems as integrated packages. Before the welding process, high-resolution cameras detect the position and geometry of the joint by using triangulation principle and grey scale value analysis to move the welding head to the exact point.

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