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Stand: 2235

Tel: +34 938 143767
Email: sales@monocrom.com

Monocrom is a first class consolidated laser developer and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the laser field. Its portfolio comprises high power diode lasers, gain modules, solid state lasers, high energy solid sate lasers, low power diode modules and laser electronics. Monocrom is an UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 registered company committed to the highest quality standards. Cutting edge research and engineering are held in-house to drive constant innovation in laser technologies. Monocrom is an OEM company that develops 100% adaptable laser solutions to fit its customers' needs. We strive to satisfy the most demanding requirements and provide high added value products, innovative and competitive. Monocrom is a global laser company with an extensive distribution network across the globe. We assist our customers locally, regionally and globally, assuring short reaction time, effective communication and accurate support.

Product Categories

  • 1.01 Solid-state lasers
  • 1.03 Diode lasers
  • 1.07 Laser components
  • 7.04 Laser systems for various applications
  • 10.01.01 Medicine

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