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Beijing CSDQ Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand: 4240-7

Tel: 1381121740
Email: 1134158706@qq.com

Beijing CSDQ Optical Technology Co.,Ltd is an optical company, which desidns and produces f-theta lens, beam expander, collimating lens, focusing lens and other optical elements used for Laser Marking, Laser Welding, Laser Cutting and Laser Cleaning.Our products include wavelength266nm/355nm/405nm/532nm/633nm/808nm/915nm/980nm/1064nm/1550nm/2100nm/9300nm/10640nm.At the same time, we sell other laser parts to the customer, such as laser source, marking card, scan galvo, cabinet. We are a leading supplier of laser parts.

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  • 02.04 Optical lenses

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