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EKSMA Optics

Stand: 4615

Tel: 52729900
Email: info@eksmaoptics.com

EKSMA Optics is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision optical components that are used in industrial and scientific lasers, laser systems and other optical instruments. The Company owns flat optics production facility, CNC facility for production of precision spherical, aspherical and conical lenses and facility of coatings deposition using advanced Ion Beam Sputtering technology. Company’s product range includes laser optics – high LIDT laser mirror, beamsplitters, harmonic separators, windows, dichroic filters, NOTCH filters, prisms, lenses, thin film polarizers, polarising optics, IR and UV optics. EKSMA Optics produces DKDP, KTP and BBO Pockels cells, ultrafast laser pulse picking systems, laser diode drivers for high power laser diodes, laser synchronization and pulse delay generator modules. Company’s polishing facility also specializes in processing DKDP, BBO, KTP, LBO, AgGaSe2, AgGaS2, ZnGeP2, nonlinear and electro-optical crystals. EKSMA Optics owns clean room facilities for assembling of electro-optical and optical systems. Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Product Categories

  • 01 Lasers and optoelectronics
  • 01.06 Laser system components
  • 01.07 Laser components
  • 01.08 Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • 01.12 Electro-optics
  • 01.16 Optical systems
  • 01.17 Opto-mechanics
  • 02 Optics
  • 02.02 Crystals
  • 02.03 Processed components
  • 02.04 Optical lenses
  • 02.06 Optical transmission components
  • 02.07 Other optical components
  • 5.02 Optical design and engineering services
  • 5.04 Contract production
  • 5.13 Research and development

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