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BA Tec Services Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 4305

BA Tec Services Pvt Ltd is an Indo- German company, based in Mumbai ,We are the specialized technical oriented company which provides the solution based with LASERS in Material Processing Industries like laser Micro- Machining's with ultra Fast femtosecond lasers/ Pico second lasers for high Precisions; lasers cutting and marking machines used for Cutting and marking of Metal and Non Metals; Laser Wielding Machines; Fume Extraction Systems used in Welding; Soldering; Marking and others; Hand-Held XRF Analyzers For Metals and Alloys; RoHS; etc. We also provide Job Work Services based on laser cutting /marking/engraving for different materials. Our Key technical person Mr Burkhard Baier (from Germany) CEO of the company having around 25 years of experience in laser and optics field. Mr Baier is also a certified person for laser training and laser safety. We have the Trained specialized team for sales, Applications ,Service and After- Sales in India

Product Categories

  • 01 Lasers and optoelectronics
  • 01.01 Solid-state lasers
  • 01.02 Gas lasers
  • 01.03 Diode lasers
  • 01.04 Fibre lasers
  • 01.05 Other lasers
  • 01.08 Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • 4.01 Measurement systems for laser characterization
  • 5.01 Application development and application labs
  • 5.03 Processing centers
  • 5.04 Contract production
  • 5.06 Maintenance and service for laser systems
  • 5.09 Education and advanced training
  • 5.13 Research and development
  • 5.14 Customer-specific solutions
  • 6.01 Systems for the automotive industry and OEMs
  • 6.05 Systems for electronics
  • 6.07 Systems for the semiconductor industry
  • 6.08 Systems for the semiconductor industry
  • 6.09 Systems for biophotonics, life sciences and pharma
  • 6.10 Systems for research and science
  • 6.11 Systems for show technology, advertising, art
  • 6.12 Systems for sensor technology
  • 6.14 Systems for solar production
  • 6.15 Systems for environment engineering
  • 6.16 Systems for aerospace industry
  • 6.18 Systems for imaging and machine vision
  • 6.20 Systems for quantum optics
  • 6.21 Systems for other sectors
  • 07.01 Material processing systems
  • 07.03 Laser systems for various materials
  • 07.04 Laser systems for various applications
  • 07.05 Laser systems for production of organic and printed electronics
  • 07.07 System integration
  • 08.01 Laser-aided test and measurement systems
  • 10 Biophotonics and medical engineering
  • 10.02.01 Spectroscopy

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