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OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH

Stand: 4312

Tel: +49 641 98203-0
Email: s.fonseca@optotech.de

In the circle of optical machinery manufacturers, OptoTech as a part of the Schunk Group is considered to be one of the leaders on the world market when it comes to technology and process engineering. We offer the most comprehensive product range worldwide for all production areas, from supermicro, micro, and macro to plano-optics and ophthalmic lenses. OptoTech always offers complete production lines, from generating, to edging/centering and polishing, right down to measuring. Whether machines are required for round optics, plano optics or the production of cylinders and free-form surfaces; from micro-optics with diameters down to 1 mm right on up to optics for lithography, aviation and aerospace with diameters of up to 2000 mm; from lenses to prisms, from domes to complex optical components – OptoTech supplies cutting edge technology for nearly all applications in the field of precision optics.

Product Categories

  • 03 Manufacturing technology for optics
  • 03.01 Optical manufacturing equipment for optical systems
  • 03.02 Optical manufacturing processes for optical systems
  • 03.03 Manufacturing materials for optical systems
  • 03.04 Optical coating materials
  • 03.05 Manufacturing technology for optical systems, other
  • 4.04 Optical measurement systems

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