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Yuanda Tech GmbH

Stand: 4318

Tel: 15209889179
Email: lohmann@yuandatech.de

Yuanda Tech, based in Hanover, Germany, offers high quality products and services in the field of vibration technology. At our booth we present our latest active vibration isolators made in Germany. They feature active control in all 6 degrees of freedom, highly precise vertical levelling, simple and intuitive user operation and a premium quality finish. The state-of-the-art isolation performance reaches 4% transmissibility at 10 Hz and 1% at 100 Hz even in the most challenging environments with vibration levels VC-E or less, while the natural frequency is below 1 Hz. For further isolation needs, our quasi-zero-stiffness isolators offer excellent performance. They are characterized by a tunable, ultra-low natural frequency as low as 0.3 Hz, and provide automatic group adjustment. All our isolators can be combined into a workstation. Beside vibration isolators, we are providing products and services in the field of ultrasonics. Visit us and convince yourself of our quality!

Product Categories

  • 04 Sensors, test and measurement
  • 4.04 Optical measurement systems
  • 06 Systems by application sectors
  • 6.10 Systems for research and science
  • 11 Imaging
  • 11.03 Image processing

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