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Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 4030

The Sahajanand Group, based in (Surat) Gujarat, India is an amalgamation of companies focused on and evolving with - innovations. All our endeavors are driven by these simple aims: developing pioneering, smart technologies, achieving optimum automation and improving various aspects of life. Currently the group has major presence in the fields of Diamond Processing & Industrial Material Processing Technologies, (like Fiber Laser Cutting Machine & Fiber Laser Marking Machines), Advanced Medical Technologies and life Sciences. The group, swiftly expanding its global footprints, has been a trendsetter in its chosen fields. For more details visit our websites. http://www.stpl.com, https://www.stpl3d.com, http://smtpl.com, http://www.sahlife.com.

Product Categories

  • 01.04 Fibre lasers
  • 5.06 Maintenance and service for laser systems
  • 5.14 Customer-specific solutions
  • 6.02 Systems for the toolmaking and mechanical engineering
  • 6.16 Systems for aerospace industry
  • 6.17 Systems for security engineering
  • 07 Laser systems for production engineering
  • 07.01 Material processing systems
  • 07.02 System peripherals of laser production engineering
  • 07.03 Laser systems for various materials
  • 07.04 Laser systems for various applications
  • 14.01 Machines and systems for laser-based additive manufacturing

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