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Aimil Ltd.

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Aimil Ltd. is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified instrumentationcompany, with an All-India network of 14 offices, staffed and managed by over 850+ professionals. Our FOCUS market segments are Defence, Aero-Space, Nuclear, Research & Education and Fiber Patch cord Manufacturing. Key products: • Laser tools for Marking, Drilling and machining: Innolas Photonics,Teem Photonics and Avesta. • Visible as well as un-cooled Infra-Red (IR) Cameras and Sensors: Lheritier and ULIS • Image Intensifier Adaptor(CRICKET): Photonis • Lasers(CW-Ultrafast) and Supercontinuum Sources: Innolas Laser, AzureLight Systems, Vortran Lasers, Radiant Dyes, Lumentum and Leukos • Delay line detectors & customized readout electronics for Ion and electron detections,: Photonis and Surface Concept • Laser Diagnostic Instruments: Avesta and Laser Point. • World’s Most Accurate Capacitance Bridges: Andeen Hagerling • Fiber Polishing Machines, consumables & Loss measurement Equipments: Seikoh Giken and JGR optics. • THz Spectroscopy and Imaging: TerView • FBG based Strain/Temperature Measurements: Smart Fibres

Product Categories

  • 01.02 Gas lasers
  • 01.03 Diode lasers
  • 09 Optical information and communication
  • 09.02 Active optical components and subsystems
  • 10.02 Methods and techniques
  • 10.02.01 Spectroscopy
  • 11 Imaging
  • 11.03 Image processing

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