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Laser Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Stand: 4405

Company Profile (limited 75 words): M/s Laserline GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of multi Kilo-Watt Diode Lasers for Industrial material processing. These lasers are established as most efficient and perfectly suitable for non-cutting material processing. Laserline is present in India since 2009. This has strengthened our vision to be one of the leading company in India to give right direction to relatively newly developed Laser based market like High power welding and surface treatment applications. These applications cover metal welding, brazing, deposit welding, cladding, additive manufacturing, hardening etc. Laserline is having an installation base of over 5000 lasers all across the world presently. Our state of the art application lab at Pune hosts an ABB robot along with a four kilowatt high power diode laser which is used to try and prove out various applications for the customer before being finalized.

Product Categories

  • 01.03 Diode lasers
  • 01.07 Laser components
  • 02.04 Optical lenses
  • 5.01 Application development and application labs
  • 07.04 Laser systems for various applications
  • 14.01 Machines and systems for laser-based additive manufacturing

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