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SLTL Group

Stand: 4001

SLTL Group - The innovation is into the foundation of this organization, as just after its establishment in 1989, SLTL Group has invented fiber laser cutting machine. SLTL is emerged as the first Indian company accounted for laser revolution across the globe. We have explored and ingrained into multiple disciplines across the spectrum which are: Laser Cutting, Marking, Welding, Micro Machining, Solar Cell Scribing/Cutting, Diamond processing. We have explored all of these domains keeping Laser at the center of our deliverable and we are leaders in delivering Lasers and Laser Solutions, also opto-mechanical components. We have our presence in more than 30 countries like Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Middle East, Russia, China, Europe, USA, Canada, and Latin America have become SLTL’s exporting hub for laser undertakings. Apart from main line of businesses, technical enlightenment is what we believe in, thus we extend our knowledge to the scientific research institutes.

Product Categories

  • 01 Lasers and optoelectronics
  • 01.03 Diode lasers
  • 01.04 Fibre lasers
  • 01.07 Laser components
  • 01.08 Safety/protection against laser radiation
  • 01.17 Opto-mechanics
  • 01.18 Software for lasers and optics
  • 07.01 Material processing systems
  • 07.03 Laser systems for various materials
  • 07.04 Laser systems for various applications
  • 14.01 Machines and systems for laser-based additive manufacturing

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