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Inno Laser Technology Corporation Limited.

Stand: 4005

Inno Laser Technology Corporation Limited ( Inno ) is an international joint venture between Chinese and American companies, headquartered in Shenzhen. As a leading company in laser industry, Inno continuously designs cutting-edge industrial solid-state laser and provides micromachining solutions for customer’s need. Our state-of-art design enables us to offer a broad range of options in terms of pulse widths, wavelength, repetition rates, and pulse energies. From infrared, green, UV, to deep UV, from nanoseconds, picoseconds, to femtoseconds. The variety of the laser are widely used in consumer electronics, semiconductors, green energy, 3D printing, aerospace, biomedical, scientific research and other area.

Product Categories

  • 01 Lasers and optoelectronics
  • 01.01 Solid-state lasers
  • 01.06 Laser system components
  • 01.07 Laser components
  • 01.10 OLEDs
  • 01.18 Software for lasers and optics
  • 5.01 Application development and application labs
  • 5.02 Optical design and engineering services
  • 5.04 Contract production
  • 5.12 Technical literature, trade journals
  • 5.13 Research and development
  • 5.14 Customer-specific solutions
  • 10.01.01 Medicine
  • 10.02.02 Biotechnology
  • 10.02.05 Methods and techniques, other

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