Company profile

Company: Millennium Semiconductor

Stand : ED01

Contact: Mrs.Anjali Patil
Tel.: 91 20 27484800 / 4900
Address: 17-23, 2nd Floor
City: Pune
Postal Code : 411018

Established in 1995, Millennium Semiconductors has gone on to become one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in India. We have expanded our services to demand creation, design support, and Kitting solutions. Millennium Semiconductor is an ISO 9001:2015 registered organisation, which provides its solutions to a wide-range of segments like Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, IOT, Lighting, Defence and EMS. We are also certified by D&B and CRISIL. Our new 1,00,000 sq. ft state of the art warehouse in Chakan, Pune is one of the biggest amongst the Indian distribution of components companies. Apart from that we have a 40,000 sq. ft warehouse in Delhi. With more than 1500+ customers from various segments, we have built a well-established connection. Headquartered in Pune, we have branch offices in Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, as well as overseas offices in Singapore and Shenzhen (China).

Product categories

  • 01 Semiconductor
  • 01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
  • 01.02 Transistors
  • 01.03 Power semiconductor components
  • 01.04 Opto semiconductor components
  • 01.05 Accessories for discrete semiconductors
  • 01.06 Logic circuits
  • 01.07 Microprocessors (see embedded systems)
  • 01.08 Memory (see embedded systems)
  • 01.09 Application-specific ICs (ASSP)
  • 01.10 Data/signal transformer ICs
  • 01.11 ICs, special designs (including ASICs/CSICs)
  • 03.01 Liquid crystal display (LCD)
  • 05.07 Sensors for electrical & magnetical parameters
  • 07 Electronic Design (ED/EDA)
  • 08 Passive components
  • 09.1 Relays, switches and keyboards
  • 09.01.09 Relays
  • 09.02 Interconnection components/systems
  • 11 PCBs and other circuit carriers
  • 14 Automotive

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