Company profile

Company: Johanson Technology

Stand : ED25

Contact: Ms.Kristine Villa
Tel.: 805 389 1166
Address: 4001 Calle Tecate
Country: USA
City: Camarillo, California
Postal Code : 93012

Johanson Technology offers high frequency ceramic solutions: High-Q, and RF Capacitors, RF Inductors, Chip Antennas, Baluns, Filters and Couplers. Designer's kits are offered as well. Johanson Dielectrics offers power electronics solutions: High Voltage, and High Temperature Capacitors, Capacitors Assemblies, Planars, Discoidals, EMI Filters, Resistors, and Inductors. Designer's kits are offered as well.

Product categories

  • 08.01 Inductors and accessories
  • 08.02 Capacitors
  • 08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
  • 08.04 Radio frequency and microwave components
  • 08.07 Passive components, miscellaneous
  • 15.03 Wireless applications

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