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Company: Prismatic Engineering

Stand : EF41

Contact: MrPrathap Prabhu
Address: Plot No 308, Link Road
Country: India
City: Bengaluru
Postal Code : 560105

Prismatic is ISO 9001:2015 certified by TUV NORD, has familiarity with requirements of various certifying agencies such as UL, VDE, etc. Several products are approved for use in certified end products. Magnetics for Electronics Applications: - Ferrite core based transformers for SMPS, PFC, DC-CDI, LED Lighting applications - Chokes - Common Mode Chokes in various geometries; Differential mode filter chokes in Rod, Drum, E-Core & Toroidal geometries - Mains Frequency Transformers: PCB Mountable, Clamp Mounting, Encapsulated and other packages. 1VA to 100VA - Custom Magnetics - Hall Effect Sensors for DC & AC Current Sensing NEW – Dry Type Poly-Phase Transformers & Reactors for Electrical Power Applications: - Reactors for Detuning, Shunt, Capacitor Discharge, Solar Pump, Power Factor Correction, AC/DC Drives & Inverters - Power and Isolation transformers for SPMs, Control Panels, etc upto 200KVA - Autotransformers - Sine Wave Filters for VFDs and High Speed Spindle Drives

Product categories

  • 08.01 Inductors and accessories
  • 10.01 Transformers

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