Company profile

Company: Elecfuture Enterprises

Stand : EA31

Contact: MrPankaj Parchani
Address: 1690/17, Sunder Bhawan
Country: India
City: New Delhi
Postal Code : 110006

Elecfuture Enterprises is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company engaged in distribution of Chip components, Resistors and Relays. The Quality and Service we deliver has become an extension of the brand and it's very important to the success of the company. With the help of our overseas contacts and over two decades of electronic components background we deliver quality products and great services. In addition to this, we have categorized our team into procurement agents, quality controllers, sales & and marketing personnel and delivery staff to function smoothly. Owing to our quality standards, we have become the foremost choice of our clients across the country.

Product categories

  • 01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
  • 01.02 Transistors
  • 08 Passive components
  • 08.01 Inductors and accessories
  • 08.02 Capacitors
  • 08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
  • 08.04 Radio frequency and microwave components
  • 08.05 Polymer components
  • 08.06 Nonlinear high-voltage components
  • 08.07 Passive components, miscellaneous
  • 08.08 Piezoelectric components
  • 08.09 Magnetic and electronic ceramic products
  • 09.01.09 Relays

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