Company profile

Company: PCB Connect AB

Stand : EL17

Contact: Mr.Joakim Jarstad
Tel.: 46 854 617400
Address: Biskop Henriks väg 1
Country: Sweden
City: Järfälla
Postal Code : 17676

PCB Connect is a Swedish company with operations all over the world incuding India. We are a main distributor of Printed Circuit Boards, PCB's. The boards are produced mainly in China in factories audited and approved by PCB Connect. Printed circuit boards… from the right producer … at the right time … in the right quality …

Product categories

  • 11 PCBs and other circuit carriers
  • 11.01 Non-PTH single- and double-sided PCBs
  • 11.02 Double-sided PCBs, PTH
  • 11.03 Multilayer PCBs (ML)
  • 11.04 Special PCBs
  • 11.06 Ceramic PCBs

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