Company profile

Company: Sentrion Corporation

Stand : EE65

Contact: Mr.Sean Hwang
Fax: 82 2 8580028
Tel.: 82 2 8580027
Address: Rm 802
Country: Korea
City: Seoul
Postal Code : 08501

Sentrion is an exporter and manufactures representative for electronic components products, are one of the leading exporter and manufacturers in the field of electronic parts industry in Korea. Sentrion is manufacture and offers complete Sensor part of temperature, humidity, sensing solutions and related components to our customers across the world. Sentrion supplies NTC thermistors, Humidity sensors and Thermal Fuses related components into the key market areas of Automotive, Mobile phone, HVAC and domestic applications. We believe that the needs for exacting temperature and humidity sensing will continue to grow especially in the areas of mobile phone, HVAC and domestic applications.

Product categories

  • 05.04 Sensors for temperature and caloric parameters
  • 06.04 Thermal units

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