Company profile

Company: Powersem GmbH

Stand : EG31

Contact: Mr.Ashok Chadda
Tel.: 49 9122 976411
Address: Walpersdorfer Str. 53
Country: Germany
City: Schwabach
Postal Code : 91126

Powersem was founded 1985 in Germany by Mr.Madan Mohan Chadda. Powersem develops and manufactures in Schwabach, Germany, and since 2005 also in Bengaluru, India. We manufacture Diode-, Thyristor-, IGBT- and SiC-Modules. All our products are UL-certified. We believe in India and are looking for customers who are ready for customized Eco-Solutions.Develop with us for your unique Application. We will help you being competitive in the worldwide market.We are the worldwide market leader for customized Power Semiconductor Modules. Our Sales in India is coordinated through Tanutech. We are looking for Distributors in India. Please contact Mr. K. Rajaram ( general information about Powersem and its products you can contact us through Our website is For Job opportunities in India please contact Visit us in Hall 11, booth EG31. Our Managing Director, Ashok Chadda, will be at the booth too. For a meeting please email him (

Product categories

  • 01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
  • 01.02 Transistors
  • 01.03 Power semiconductor components
  • 01.05 Accessories for discrete semiconductors
  • 13.04 Hybrid modules (including multi-chip modules)

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