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Company: SUSUMU Co., Ltd.

Stand : EC25

Contact: Mr.Toshitumi Yoshida
Fax: 81 449 593603
Tel.: 81 44 9593600
Address: 5F, 1-2-3 Manpukji Asao-ku, Nojyu Building Ursis
Country: Japan
City: Kawasaki-shi
Postal Code : 2150004

Susumu Co., Ltd. introduces the following chip Resistors which are highly reliable, compact, high power and high accuracy products for automotive. 1. RG series : Thin film resistors with proven track record in automotive field. 2. RGT series: Thin film resistors with high-temperature operation, 100% rated power operation at 120 degree C. 3. PRG series : Small high power high precision thin film chip resistors with long-side terminal adopted in automotive field. 4. RM series: Relative resistance tolerance and relative TCR definable among multiple resistors within a package. 5. KRL series : High power resistors suitable for sensing large current for motor application. 6.URG series : The tightest resistance tolerance +/- 0.01% and the smallest TCR +/- 1ppm/K for measure instrument

Product categories

  • 08 Passive components
  • 08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
  • 08.04 Radio frequency and microwave components

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