Company profile

Company: XpectralTek

Stand : ED44

Contact: Mr.António CARDOSO
Address: Avenida da Igreja, nr. 7
Country: Portugal
City: Celeirós, Braga
Postal Code : 4705-732

XpectralTEK is a tech start-up focused on the development of intelligent imaging solutions. Using our non-destructive multispectral technology we developed XpeCAM, focused on the cultural heritage market - helping to see and understand what’s not visible to the human eye. At the moment we are developing a new solution for the agriculture market. A solution that will help you “talk” to your plants and understand their needs. This solution will allow, in real time, to control and predict problems like nutritional deficiencies, pests, diseases and water stress of plantations. In this first phase we are developing this for the vineyards but it can be applied in every plant. “With this solution, farmers will be able to monitor their vineyards in real time and make more informed decisions.” XpectralTEK’s multispectral technology can also be applied in fields like industry and medicine.

Product categories

  • 02.01 Development tools, software
  • 02.02 Development tools, hardware
  • 02.03 Hardware
  • 05 Sensor technology
  • 07 Electronic Design (ED/EDA)
  • 07.04 Software for special applications
  • 11 PCBs and other circuit carriers
  • 12 EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • 13 Assemblies and subsystems
  • 13.01 Assemblies for control applications
  • 16.03 Business concepts/Business development
  • 16.04 Electronics development/approval/testing/certification

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