Company profile


Stand : SE51-8

Contact: Kevin Yang
Tel.: 21-57752829
Address: No.552, Dongzhou Road, Dongjing Industrial Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China 201619
Country: China
City: Shanghai
Postal Code : 201619

"Our company established in 2010, professionally engaged in R&D, production of series of heat-resistant insulation tape and film such as polyimide tape, polyester tape, glass cloth tape etc, mainly serving the industries of electronic and electrical insulation, high temperature powder coating, leather craft,3D printing and so on. Our main products as following: 1. Polyimide tape 2. Polyester tape 3. Glass cloth tape 4. PTFE tape 5. Anti-static high temperature tape 6. Crepe masking tape 7. Glass fibers tape 8. Ultra-thin waterproof foam tape 9. Copper foil adhesive tape 10. Aluminum foil adhesive tape 11. Conductive fabric adhesive tape 12. Cloth duct tap 13. Reinforced kraft paper tape 14. Mica tape 15. PU foam 16. Color silicone protection film"

Product categories

  • 06.06 Chemical and biological parameters
  • 09.03.03 Accessories
  • 10.12 Accessories
  • 13.02 Printer assemblies
  • 14.07 Electrical on-board power supply

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