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Company: Hebei Far-East Communication System Engineering Co.Ltd.

Stand : SE51-5

Contact: Shufang Li
Tel.: 15076323669
Address: No.21 Changsheng Street, Economic Develpoment Zone of Luquan
Country: China
City: Shijiazhuang,Hebei
Postal Code : 502000

"Hebei Far-East Communication System Engineering Co. Ltd, specializes in the development, production and marketing of time and frequency products and solutions including OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, Crystal Resonators, Filters and clock modules, etc. The company has a remarkable strong technical staff including70 R&D engineers with PhD and Master degrees. Since its beginning in 1996, it has become one of the largest global OCXO suppliers for TELE communications base stations and has gained a leading market position due to its excellent product quality and reliability. It remains ahead of the competition due to its continuous ability to develop and patent ASICS and to deepen the company vertical integration from blank cutting to quartz crystal production, to oscillator assembly and test with complete sets of equipment. "

Product categories

  • 08.08 Piezoelectric components

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