Company profile

Company: MAIN INFO

Stand : EN29

Contact: Kim Min Gyeong
Tel.: 1031610165
Address: 1st Floor, Gyeongbuk Economic Promotion Eastern Branch Agency, 859, Huimang-daero
Country: Korea
City: Gyeongsanbuk-do
Postal Code : 37823

MAIN INFO is a company specialized in developing contents / platform for autonomous driving vehicles. It id venture company that realizes and completes fusion and convergence of mobile and automobiles through motion sensors and hologram technology. A company specialized in contents platform of autonomous driving vehicles that designs fusion and convergence of new technology. Fusion of various technologies and diverse solutions based on transparent OLED, 4D hologram,and 5G communications whit the rapid changes in IT environment. MAIN INFO is a company specialized in contents/platform of autonomous driving automobiles that releases new products every 2 years by fusing new technology to products after quickly receiving the new technologies.

Product categories

  • 14.04 Interior/Comfort

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