Company profile

Company: Elcompo Electronic Industries Pvt. Ltd.,

Stand : ED63

Contact: Rajesh A Rohira
Tel.: 442962693
Address: 31-33 Functional Industrial Estate, Perungudi, Chennai
Country: India
City: Tamil Nadu
Postal Code : 600096

Incorporated in 1973, Elcompo Electronic Industries Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India & its Associate Companies, have established as reliable high quality manufacturers of wire wound Inductive Components, such as Coils & Transformers working at low and high frequencies. We design,develop, manufacture and supply these Inductive components which are widely used in Power supplies of various Electronic Applications namely Lighting, Audio, Video, Mobile, Tele-Communication, Medical, IT, Domestic Appliances & Industrial Equipment's , Wind & Solar Energy, Electric Vehicles etc. The group is major Supplier to leading OEM's in India, Asia, Europe & America and has a turnover of USD 5.0 Million. The products are Manufactured under stringent quality control measures. Our Products comply to ROHS, REACH requirements & relevant Safety Standards namely IEC 61558-1,61558-2 etc.

Product categories

  • 08 Passive components
  • 08.01 Inductors and accessories
  • 08.07 Passive components, miscellaneous
  • 10 Power supplies
  • 10.01 Transformers

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