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Stand : EC51

Contact: Andy Lee
Tel.: 886-2-26628882
Address: 6F., No.12, Ln.270, Sec.3, Beishen Rd., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 222, Taiwan

Hamburg Industries devotes to manufacture comprehensive products to fit worldwide customers’ request. Furthermore, We strengthen on sufficient inventory, in-time delivery services and cost efficient price to enhance customers’ value in the market. Most of our products are qualified by SGS, EMV, NDS, RoHS, REACH and variety International certificates, also award patents in the world. Hamburg Industries is a faithful and credible partner worth of your collaboration. • Smart Card Connectors ?FFC Connector are used in many kinds of applications, such as ID card readers, Mobile phones, PDAs, ATM, POS and Set Top Boxes. •Flexible Flat Cables and LVDS Cablesare key components for Computers, Note Books, Scanners and Printers. They are cheaper and flexible than FPC. •Heat-shrinkable tubes for Insulating, Shrinkable, Environmental, RoHS and Sony Compliance. •Sales and service forDDK Connector?Wire To Board Connector?MBSW?PVC Tubings?Cable Tie?Micro Coaxial RF Connector ?Other Tubing(Silicone Galss Fiber Casing?Teflon Heat-Shrinkable Tubing?Heat Shrink Tubing with Adhesive.)

Product categories

  • 03.10 Peripheral equipment for displays
  • 09.01.07 Components and accessories for keyboards
  • 09.02.01 Standardized connectors
  • 09.02.02 Connectors for specific handling
  • 09.02.03 Connectors, PCB-mountable
  • 09.02.04 Sockets
  • 09.02.05 Connectors, application-oriented
  • 09.02.06 Connectors for telecommunications
  • 09.02.07 Cables with connectors
  • 09.02.08 Connectors with additional functions
  • 09.02.09 Connectors, specific forms
  • 09.02.10 Miscellaneous connectors
  • 09.02.11 Accessories for connectors
  • 09.03.01 Terminals
  • 09.03.02 Connection elements, miscellaneous
  • 09.03.03 Accessories
  • 09.03.04 Cables
  • 09.04 Casing technology
  • 11.08 Accessories for PCBs
  • 12 EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • 12.03 Product development
  • 15.02 Non-cellular systems

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