Exhibitor Listing / Profile

Name of Company:Le Champ South East Pte Ltd
Booth No.:Booth EB01
Hall No.:Hall 10
Telephone Number:080 25488844
Email Id:venu@lechamp.com.sg
Company Profile:
Le Champ South East Asia Pte Ltd was established in Singapore by Mr.Michael Chng in 1982.Now Le Champ has offices all over South East Asia and including China and India. Le Champ is a USD 102 million company mainly engaged in the distribution of components for Electronics and semiconductor industries and high quality equipment for the complete PCB assembly. Le Champ India started in the year 2004 and now doing a business of USD 24million (INR 170 CRORES) Le Champ India’s 80% of the business comes from design and development activities. We deal mainly on the Passives,Bare PCB and LCD .Some of our partners are L&T,SECURE, Landis & Gyr,Genus,HPL,Pricol,Continental, ,Interface, Minda Group ,GE, Nokia Siemens,SCI Sanmina and SFO etc,to name a few.Le Champ India is very strong in Metering industries, Automotive,telecom,POS,MEDICAL,etc.We have designed and supplying LCD, bare PCB and wire harness to all our customers
Product Category:01 Semiconductor
01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
01.02 Transistors
01.03 Power semiconductor components
03 Displays
08 Passive components
08.01 Inductors and accessories
08.02 Capacitors
08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
08.04 Radio frequency and microwave components
08.05 Polymer components
08.06 Nonlinear high-voltage components
08.07 Passive components, miscellaneous
08.08 Piezoelectric components
09.1 Relays, switches and keyboards
09.01.01 Switches for continuous connection
09.01.02 Switches with additional functions
09.01.09 Relays
09.02 Interconnection components/systems
09.02.01 Standardized connectors
09.02.02 Connectors for specific handling
09.02.03 Connectors, PCB-mountable
09.02.04 Sockets
09.02.05 Connectors, application-oriented
09.02.06 Connectors for telecommunications
09.02.07 Cables with connectors
09.02.08 Connectors with additional functions
09.02.09 Connectors, specific forms
10.04 Power supplies, DC output
10.05 Power supplies, AC output
11 PCBs and other circuit carriers
11.02 Double-sided PCBs, PTH
11.03 Multilayer PCBs (ML)
11.04 Special PCBs
15.01 Cellular systems
15.02 Non-cellular systems
15.03 Wireless applications