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Name of Company:Swingtel Communications Pvt Ltd
Booth No.:Booth ED11
Hall No.:Hall 10
Telephone Number:022 2200 0123
Email Id:moiz@swingtel.com
Company Profile:
SWINGTEL , A 100mn USD Business Group, is one of India's Leading Hi-Tech Design, Solution & Distribution Conglomerate with Global SCM skills. SWINGTEL Group with a history of more than 15 years is a frontline strategic solution partner for Automotive Smart Sensing, Safety Systems, BMS, Engine Management , Power Electronics, EV Sensors, EV Thermal Management , Smart Light Energy and more. Backed with a strong Force of Technically Skilled Design Team, Robust Infrastructure & Industry Expert Technology Consultants, Swingtel thrives in System Integration coupling the best in class components, creating best in class solutions. Swingtel's Global Supply Chain serves its most prestigious clientele and vendors that include the who's who of the Industry like Bajaj, Suzuki, Hero, Mahindra, Varroc, Minda, Philips, Havells, Surya etc. Swingtel focus is on working with customers to create a Safe, Eco- Friendly, Cleaner, Efficient & a Brighter World. SWINGTEL truly reflects LEADERSHIP in INNOVATION
Product Category:01 Semiconductor
01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
01.02 Transistors
01.03 Power semiconductor components
01.04 Opto semiconductor components
01.05 Accessories for discrete semiconductors
01.06 Logic circuits
01.07 Microprocessors (see embedded systems)
01.08 Memory (see embedded systems)
01.09 Application-specific ICs (ASSP)
01.10 Data/signal transformer ICs
01.11 ICs, special designs (including ASICs/CSICs)
02.01 Development tools, software
03.01 Liquid crystal display (LCD)
03.03 Cathode ray tube (CRT)
03.05 Organic light-emitting Diode (OLED)
03.08 Light-emitting diode (LED)
04.01 Microsystems
04.03 Nanotechnology
08.01 Inductors and accessories
08.02 Capacitors
08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
08.04 Radio frequency and microwave components
08.05 Polymer components
08.06 Nonlinear high-voltage components
08.07 Passive components, miscellaneous
08.08 Piezoelectric components
08.09 Magnetic and electronic ceramic products
09.02 Interconnection components/systems
09.02.01 Standardized connectors
09.02.02 Connectors for specific handling
09.02.03 Connectors, PCB-mountable
09.02.04 Sockets
09.02.05 Connectors, application-oriented
09.02.06 Connectors for telecommunications
09.02.07 Cables with connectors
09.02.08 Connectors with additional functions
09.02.09 Connectors, specific forms
09.02.10 Miscellaneous connectors
09.02.11 Accessories for connectors
10.04 Power supplies, DC output
10.05 Power supplies, AC output
10.07 UPS systems
10.08 Special power supplies
10.09 Batteries
10.10 Static current supplies
10.11 Power management systems
12.01 EMS (component/chip carrier manufacturing)
12.02 EMS (component construction and equipment manufacturing)
14.01 Drive (engine and gears)
14.02 Chassis/Steering
14.03 Brake
14.04 Interior/Comfort
14.05 Body/Safety
14.06 Active safety
14.07 Electrical on-board power supply
14.08 Construction and test
15.01 Cellular systems
15.02 Non-cellular systems
15.03 Wireless applications
15.04 Business partners