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Name of Company:HASCO Relays and Electronics International Corp.
Booth No.:Booth EF31
Hall No.:Hall 10
Telephone Number:
Email Id:buddys@hascorelays.com
Company Profile:
Since 1976, the professional relay manufacturers at HASCO RELAYS & ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL CORP. have been dedicated manufacturing the most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced electromechanical relays, reed relays and reed switches available. HASCO RELAYS & ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL CORP. manufactures and ships worldwide from our 100% wholly American owned and managed factory and warehouse distribution center located in Suzhou, China; and from our corporate offices and distribution facility located in New York, U.S.A. In addition to the extensive product assortment listed on our website, WWW.HASCORELAYS.COM, we are able to custom engineer new products to your specifications or recreate legacy products no longer in production elsewhere. For detailed information please feel free to contact Mr. Buddy Shah, Executive Vice President of Hasco Relays & Electronics Int'l Corp., by email at buddys@hascorelays.com; or by phone at 1-516-328-9292. Thank you. Travel safely. Buddy Shah HASCO RELAYS & ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL CORP.
Product Category:09 Electromechanics/system periphery
09.01.01 Switches for continuous connection
09.01.02 Switches with additional functions
09.01.03 Electrical keys
09.01.04 Detector components
09.01.05 Detector and signaling devices
09.01.08 Initiation devices, manually activated
09.01.09 Relays
09.02 Interconnection components/systems
09.02.10 Miscellaneous connectors
09.03 Interconnection components, specialized
09.03.02 Connection elements, miscellaneous
09.04 Casing technology
09.04.07 Electronic protection devices (EMI/ESD)