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Name of Company:Shunye Electronics Pvt Ltd
Booth No.:Booth EH61
Hall No.:Hall 11
Telephone Number:
Email Id:india@shunyegroup.com.cn
Company Profile:
Dear sir/Ma'am I hope you’re doing well. I would like to take an opportunity and introduce to our company "SHUNYE ELECTRONIC PVT.LTD." that is a Professional Manufacture in Diode and Bridge Rectifier. Our manufacture Plant in China and Corporate Office & Wear-House in Noida(india). We provide high quality service with suitable prices. We have sent The Company Profile and Product list in attached file. Please find the attachment file. Please let me know your thoughts. I’m happy to answer any questions and hope we can start a conversation. Thanks, shunye electronics pvt ltd
Product Category:01 Semiconductor
01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
01.03 Power semiconductor components
01.06 Logic circuits
01.09 Application-specific ICs (ASSP)
02.01 Development tools, software
02.02 Development tools, hardware
03.01 Liquid crystal display (LCD)
03.03 Cathode ray tube (CRT)
03.04 Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
03.05 Organic light-emitting Diode (OLED)
03.08 Light-emitting diode (LED)
05.01 Sensors for geometrical parameters
05.02 Sensors for mechanical parameters
05.03 Sensors for time and time-based parameters
05.04 Sensors for temperature and caloric parameters
05.05 Sensors for climatic parameters
05.06 Sensors for optical and acoustic parameters
05.07 Sensors for electrical & magnetical parameters
05.08 Sensors for chemical parameters
05.09 Sensors for biological parameters
05.10 Sensor elements by technology
06.09 Electrical parameters
09 Electromechanics/system periphery
09.1 Relays, switches and keyboards
09.01.03 Electrical keys
09.01.04 Detector components
09.01.07 Components and accessories for keyboards
09.02.02 Connectors for specific handling
09.02.05 Connectors, application-oriented
12.01 EMS (component/chip carrier manufacturing)
12.02 EMS (component construction and equipment manufacturing)
12.03 Product development
12.04 Intermediate/semifinished goods, materials