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Name of Company:Cirkit Electro Componets Pvt Ltd
Booth No.:Booth EG53, EG55
Hall No.:Hall 11
Telephone Number:
Email Id:cirkitelectro@gmail.com
Company Profile:
We are authorized distributor and stockist for 50+ reputed international electronic component brands. Our USP is ready availability of thousands of components.We understand that it could be hard to find a reputed and trustworthy partner who provides only original, competitively-priced DIP / Through-hole ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS and SMD COMPONENTS. We could be that partner and are here to help you save costs and enhance your profitability.
Product Category:01 Semiconductor
01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
01.02 Transistors
01.10 Data/signal transformer ICs
03 Displays
03.01 Liquid crystal display (LCD)
03.03 Cathode ray tube (CRT)
03.06 EL display
03.08 Light-emitting diode (LED)
08.02 Capacitors
08.03 Resistors (including R networks)
09 Electromechanics/system periphery
09.1 Relays, switches and keyboards
09.01.01 Switches for continuous connection
09.01.02 Switches with additional functions
09.01.09 Relays
09.02 Interconnection components/systems
09.02.01 Standardized connectors
09.02.02 Connectors for specific handling
09.02.03 Connectors, PCB-mountable
09.02.04 Sockets
09.02.05 Connectors, application-oriented
09.02.06 Connectors for telecommunications
09.02.08 Connectors with additional functions
09.02.09 Connectors, specific forms
10 Power supplies
10.01 Transformers
11 PCBs and other circuit carriers
11.01 Non-PTH single- and double-sided PCBs
11.02 Double-sided PCBs, PTH
11.03 Multilayer PCBs (ML)
11.04 Special PCBs
11.06 Ceramic PCBs
11.07 PCBs for backplanes/bus systems
11.08 Accessories for PCBs
14.07 Electrical on-board power supply