Exhibitor Listing / Profile

Name of Company:Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No.:Booth EQ51-3
Hall No.:Hall 12
Telephone Number:86 755-83231856
Email Id:sales@asemi88.com
Company Profile:
Product Category:01.01 Diodes (including diode networks)
01.02 Transistors
01.03 Power semiconductor components
01.09 Application-specific ICs (ASSP)
01.10 Data/signal transformer ICs
01.11 ICs, special designs (including ASICs/CSICs)
09.01.01 Switches for continuous connection
09.01.02 Switches with additional functions
10.04 Power supplies, DC output
10.11 Power management systems
11.08 Accessories for PCBs
13.04 Hybrid modules (including multi-chip modules)
14.07 Electrical on-board power supply